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30th-Mar-2007 11:44 pm - 2nd batch
Let me free
It takes me a long time to perfect an icon since I'm so picky and inexperienced with getting the exact effect I want - therefore, it takes me a long time to post icons.

Here's the 2nd batch:

One batch at a time - only 6 iconsCollapse )
23rd-Mar-2007 10:36 am - 8 simple but nice icons =)
First icon post!
    Please credit (for advertisement purposes only) and comment ^^

    Please save to your own server

Mixed nuts - 9 iconsCollapse )
21st-Mar-2007 03:26 pm - Taking two requests at a time
If you like my icons, you can request an icon given that you fill out the following form:

Icon Requests
Picture (if any):
Special requests (ex. color scheme, style etc):
(Optional - sample icon to imitate:)

Please note that I only take 2 icon requests at a time. ( When I finish the icons and post them, then you can request from me again via commenting this post. )
20th-Mar-2007 01:38 pm - Welcomes
Welcoming random on-lookers to celestial_gfx. At this community, I will be posting icons, tutorials, bases, and taking requests. If you'd like to become a posting member, let me know by posting 5 of your best icons here.
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